Upcoming Solo Exhibition "Pham Luan - Seasons of Japan"


Mark your calendar! This November, artist Pham Luan will hold his latest solo exhibition entitled “Pham Luan – Seasons of Japan” in Tokyo.

This exhibition is a delightful collection of paintings featuring famous landscapes such as Mount Fuji, Kinkajuki Temple, Kiyomizu Temple and paintings of daily life scenes such as Café in Ginza or A Morning at Tsukiji Market. Through his paintings, Luan shows us not just the physical landscapes that he saw but also the soul and essence of each place.

All 25 paintings of this exhibition can be previewed here: http://www.toriizakaart.com/Artists/Pham-Luan

"Pham Luan - Seasons of Japan" is organised by Toriizaka Art at the ANA InterContinental Tokyo from 10 November 2016 to 5 February 2017.