Solo Exhibition 2014: Pham Luan - Sunshine


Pham Luan’s fourth solo exhibition “Sunshine” opened on 20 February on a sunny day during an unusually rainy month. Guests attended the opening ceremony were treated to 21 beautiful paintings in the spacious exhibition rooms of the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum. This collection represents Pham Luan’s familiar motifs through a fresh perspective and a matured style.

In this exhibition Pham Luan’s portrayal of Hanoi reflects the fascinating co-existence of the old and the new in many parts of the Old Quarter. Contemporary Hanoi streets came alive on his canvases with his bold brushstrokes and vibrant palettes.

Figure paintings are featured dominantly in this exhibition. Pham Luan is interested in portraying people in their daily surroundings. His confident brushworks capture the energy and the emotions that the he felt from observing those subjects – whether they are in Vietnam or in a city abroad.

Featuring 19 paintings and 2 sets of folding screen, “Sunshine” was on view at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum from 20 February to 1 March 2014. The exhibition garnered much interest from the audience in Hanoi and many people came back several times to enjoy Pham Luan’s paintings.

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