Pham Luan was born in 1954 in Hanoi, Vietnam. From a young age he enjoyed drawing and painting so much that  he  taught himself using Buoc Dau Hoc Ve - a drawing and painting manual by Vietnamese master Nguyen Van Ty. Pham Luan wanted to pursue his art dream by entering the Art University. At that time however, war was raging in Vietnam, and his parents, fearful of the dangers of war, did not want him to travel the long distance to the Art University every day. Ever respectful of their wishes he went to the Hanoi Teacher’s Training College instead. In 1972 during his first year in college, he was called to fulfil his obligatory military service.

Pham Luan’s time in the army saw him travelling to Thanh Hoa province in Vietnam, staying with Muong ethnic people in houses on stilts. During this time Luan continued to sketch and paint despite the hardship during wartime. He loved to record what he saw and experienced through watercolour sketches. (Click here for Pham Luan’s sketches). Pham Luan’s military service ended in May 1975 and afterwards he came back to continue with his studies. After graduation Luan worked as a teacher of technical drawings. This job however, did not stop him from continuing with his art.

In 1990 Pham Luan decided to stop teaching and work full time as a painter in preparation for his first ever solo exhibition in 1991, entitled “Hanoi – 36 streets”. The show was greeted with much enthusiasm as was the next exhibition in 1994. The’94 show was not just a success it was also where Pham Luan met one of the owners of Galerie La Vong (Hong Kong) who promptly asked him to be one of their representative artists. This led to Pham Luan’s first exhibition abroad in 1997. Since then Pham Luan’s paintings have been showcased in many exhibitions in many cities and countries abroad such as Hong Kong, Singapore, London, New York and Chicago.

For his earlier exhibitions Pham Luan worked with both gouache and oil paint. As a medium, Pham Luan finds gouache versatile and expressive but because of the different methods required for oil and gouache, he decided to specialise in oil. However he also expressed wishes to paint in gouache again in the future.

Pham Luan's works have been featured in collections of the National Fine Art Museum of Vietnam and numerous private collections in the USA, UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore, and notably the private collections of HRH The Duke of York.

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