After visiting Venice and several other Italian cities in 2002, Pham Luan was mesmerised by the beauty of cities outside of Vietnam. This fascination inspired him to broaden his subjects and portray foreign cities that he has had opportunities to visit. Since then he has painted about many cities including London, Paris and Amsterdam. He has also visited and painted about Monet's gardens in Giverny.

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  • A Morning at Tsukiji Market, TokyoA Morning at Tsukiji Market, TokyoOil on Canvas, 2016
  • Autumn in Arashiyama, KyotoAutumn in Arashiyama, KyotoOil on Canvas, 2016
  • Dotonbori Canal, OsakaDotonbori Canal, OsakaOil on Canvas, 2016
  • Moats around Imperial Palace, TokyoMoats around Imperial Palace, TokyoOil on Canvas, 2017
  • Hanami MatsuriHanami MatsuriOil on Canvas, 2016
  • Mount Fuji in SpringMount Fuji in SpringOil on Canvas, 2016
  • Purple AfternoonPurple AfternoonOil on Canvas, 2016